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If you are a woman with pre-existing diabetes embarking on the journey of becoming and being a mother, you may have all sorts of thoughts, feelings, worries and concerns. We know women with pre-existing diabetes have higher risks of problems. But with the right information, support, care and planning - you can have a healthy pregnancy and baby! It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the medical information, and the things that can go wrong. While it is important to know these things, it is just as important you feel empowered, supported and connected, as you go through this journey. This is the goal of My Diabetes Pregnancy.


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At My Diabetes Pregnancy, we believe that we can do better. Despite the risks and increased chances of things going wrong, women with pre-existing diabetes can and should have wonderful pregnancies, remarkable births and spectacular lives with their babies and children. With better understanding, better information, better technology, better services and better access to support from health care teams and other women with diabetes, we can create better experiences and better outcomes for all mothers living with diabetes and their babies.

Please head here to find out all about the site and our community and how you can get involved. Stay tuned as we develop the site over coming months. In the meantime sign up here for the latest news, join our community here and join us on Facebook. Check out our sister site at

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Welcome to My Diabetes Pregnancy

Welcome and thank you for joining us for the first blog post on My Diabetes Pregnancy! My Diabetes Pregnancy is a blog and community all about becoming and being a mother, started as the next part of my PhD work in type 1 diabetes and pregnancy. The goal is to provide you with a place where you can connect with other women who are pregnant, contemplating or planning a pregnancy, or who are already a mother; access research and resources; and eventually find tools and services. As I go through my PhD in the next couple of years there will be various things added to the site and community; and you will have the opportunity to participate in our research and help us to make changes to the way we approach and support women during this journey, to make things better together.
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I am Helen Edwards, a person living with type 1 diabetes since 1979, a PhD Candidate looking at the journey of pregnancy and motherhood for women with type 1 diabetes and how we can improve this; a diabetes writer and blogger; diabetes advocate, educator and counsellor; and mum to 3 sons. My Diabetes Pregnancy is part of my work in contributing to the improvement of information, support and services for women living with diabetes, during their journey into pregnancy and motherhood.

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Good planning well before trying to conceive, and great support, can make a difference to your journey in becoming & being a mother who happens to have diabetes.


Remember to care for your mental health & wellbeing, as well as your diabetes & overall physical health, across the journey.